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Online Retail Scheme

CALL OPEN:  Wednesday 24 October 2018 CALL CLOSE: Wednesday 5 December 2018 at 3pm

The Online Retail Scheme was launched by the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation on 20 September 2018 to support eligible SMEs in the retail sector to develop a more competitive online offer. This is a Competitive Fund which will be administered by Enterprise Ireland on behalf of DBEI with a total fund size of €1.25m.

Enterprise Ireland “Prepare to Export Scorecard” for companies with global ambition

Interactive online tool helps potential exporters assess their export-readiness

A new Prepare to Export Scorecard has been developed by Enterprise Ireland to help Irish entrepreneurs and business owners with global ambition to self-assess how prepared they are to start exporting. The interactive online facility is a free, easy-to-use tool which acts as a starting point for companies interested in exporting and reaching overseas markets.


Prepare for Brexit with Brexit SME Scorecard

Early planning and preparation is a critical factor in a company’s ability to respond to the business challenges that Brexit presents.

The Enterprise Ireland Brexit SME Scorecard is a free planning tool for Irish exporters to the UK. It is designed to help you assess your business readiness across six areas — Business Strategy, Operations, Sales and Marketing, Finance, Innovation, and People and Management. 

Mandatory Electronic Filing for the CRO

Electronic Filing of Annual Returns and Financial Statements is now mandatory

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