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Current Processing Dates for Employment Permits

Applications for Employment Permits are processed in date order of receipt of the fully completed application form and fee, if applicable.

As of 7th April 2020, we are processing applications received on the following dates for the specific types of applications:

Current processing dates

Employment Permit applications received by Employer Type  


Trusted Partner  2 March 2020          
Standard 13 January 2020

Reviews for Trusted Partner and Standard Employment Permit Applications


Reviews received11 March 2020       

Requests for Support Letters for a Stamp 4


Requests received

15 February 2020

 NB - A request for a Support Letter for a Critical Skills Employment Permit holder seeking a Stamp 4 cannot be processed until the permit holder has completed 21 months working in the State. We will accept requests received after 20 months however they will not be processed until 21 months has elapsed.

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