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Transparency of State Aid

In line with the State Aid transparency rules, as of 1 July 2016, Member States are required to notify on a public website beneficiaries of all individual aid awards above €500,000.

Transparency of State Aid promotes compliance, legal certainty and accountability. It enables citizens to be better informed about the way public resources are allocated, and companies to check whether aid granted to competitors is legal. Transparency promotes a level playing field across Member States and companies in the internal market and increases awareness of aid granted at various levels, hence ensuring better control and follow-up at national and local levels. State Aid transparency contributes towards reducing reporting obligations and the administrative burden linked to reporting.

The new transparency requirements concerning State Aid granted by Member States to undertakings came in force on 1 July 2016. For each individual state aid award above €500,000, Member States are required to publish on a dedicated State Aid Transparency public search page the following information:

  • identity of the beneficiary (name and identifier)
  • sector in which the beneficiary is active
  • amount of the aid granted
  • date of granting of aid
  • granting authority
  • aid instrument (grant, loan, guarantee, tax advantage, etc)
  • region in which the beneficiary is located
  • type of enterprise (SME or a large company)
  • objective of the aid
  • reference of the aid measure

The information should be published within 6 months from the granting of the aid. For aid in the form of tax advantage, the information will be published within 1 year from the date the tax declaration is due. The information will be available for at least 10 years from the date on which the aid was granted.

Granting Authorities should be aware that it is the actual beneficiary of the aid that should be published. When the aid is granted via a third party, the third party should collect the relevant information on payments to final beneficiaries and transmit it to the relevant Granting Authorities.

For more information, please see the Transparency Communication, published in June 2014, which aligned the transparency requirements across a number of State Aid guidelines and the General Block Exemption Regulation. 

To access details of State Aid individual awards, please click here:


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