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Getting Business Brexit Ready

The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation (DBEI) is working with our colleagues across Government to build stronger businesses and get them Brexit Ready.

Featured: Seven things businesses need to know to prepare for Brexit

The UK will leave the European Union on Friday 29 March 2019 at 11pm Irish time. In the absence of a Withdrawal Agreement (No-Deal), EU law will cease to apply to and in the UK as of 30 March 2019. Therefore, all businesses concerned have to prepare, make all necessary decisions, and complete all required administrative actions before 30 March 2019 in order to avoid disruption.

The European Commission has assembled a list of things businesses within the EU27 need to be aware of if they are to prepare for Brexit. We encourage you to use this list to understand the impacts that Brexit is likely to have on your business, and to guide your preparations. 

The list includes issues relating to:

  • Preparing for the 30 March 2019
  • Supply chain issues
  • Certificates, licences and authorisations
  • Customs, VAT and excise
  • Rules of origin
  • Prohibitions and restrictions for import/export of goods
  • Transfer of personal data

For full details, see Seven things businesses in the EU27 need to know in order to prepare for Brexit (PDF, 257KB)

Brexit Q&A

European Commission Brexit Q&A for businesses who trade goods with and through the UK (PDF, 403KB)

Getting Business Brexit Ready infographic outlining advice and financial supports available

Brexit Advice, Finance and Upskilling

Government Departments, enterprise agencies and regulatory bodies have a range of supports covering advice, finance and upskilling to help your business navigate its way through Brexit. With just weeks to go to the UK withdrawal from the European Union, understanding the potential implications is a key first step in developing your Brexit contingency plan. Below is a summary of supports and resources available to get your business Brexit Ready.

Advice and Guidance

Enterprise Ireland's Brexit Scorecard

Any business can quickly self-diagnose whether they are ready for Brexit using the Enterprise Ireland Brexit Scorecard. The Brexit Scorecard is a first step in developing a robust Brexit plan. It will help to stimulate thinking about the key areas that may be impacted in your business and to self-assess your level of preparedness.

Enterprise Ireland's Brexit Advisory Clinics

Enterprise Ireland has been running a number of Brexit Advisory Clinics across the country offering information and practical support to companies.

Bord Bia's Brexit Barometer

If you work in food, drink or horticulture, you can use Bord Bia’s Brexit Barometer. It is designed to help businesses assess their readiness for Brexit and also provides information on supply chain, currency, customs and international market diversification opportunities.

Fáilte Ireland’s Brexit Response Programme

If you work in tourism and hospitality, Fáilte Ireland’s Brexit Response Programme is designed to help Irish tourism businesses spread the risk by diversifying their source markets and to enhance their skill capabilities across a wide range of business functions. Fáilte Ireland offers a suite of supports including an online knowledge hub and a Brexit Readiness Check to assess risks and to respond to an evolving business environment.

Local Enterprise Offices Brexit Mentor Programme

There are 31 Local Enterprise Offices nationwide and they are running a Brexit Mentor Programme to support Business Owner/Managers to identify key Brexit exposures and develop robust strategies to address issues and maximise potential opportunities. 

InterTrade Ireland's Brexit Advisory Service

InterTrade Ireland provides a ITI Brexit Advisory Service to help businesses with practical advice, support and information on Brexit related issues.

IDA Ireland Brexit Advice

IDA Ireland offers support to client companies as they grow and diversify their Irish footprint. The IDA offers practical assistance, such as information and advice on Brexit risks and opportunities, and financial assistance across R&D, training, employment and capital investment.

Preparing for new Customs Arrangements 

In addition to the advice about changes in customs arrangements which is offered through Bord Bia, InterTrade Ireland, Enterprise Ireland and the Local Enterprise Offices, information relating to Customs formalities is available on the Revenue website

Preparing for changes in Legislation and Standards 

The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) provides a support service for Irish chemical companies and SMEs on meeting legislative duties and ensuring they can source chemicals and sell in the EU. In addition the Irish National Accreditation Board (INAB) which is part of the HSA can offer advice on accreditation matters. 

The National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) provides advice on how best to ensure businesses are certified to appropriate standards to access markets.

Keeping informed on Brexit

Given its role in coordinating the Government’s response to Brexit, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) provides a one-stop-shop overview of key Government and EU official documents on the Brexit negotiations and Ireland’s Brexit preparedness measures and supports. This includes a calendar of Brexit-related events for businesses.

Advice to businesses from Europe

Considerable efforts are underway to ensure that an agreement is reached between the EU and UK that will minimise any disruption caused by the UK’s withdrawal. 

However, to assist stakeholders to understand the potential impact of Brexit, the European Commission has prepared a set of over 80 documents called “Preparedness Notices” that explain a wide range of effects that Brexit may have if no agreement is reached between the two sides. 

DBEI encourages firms to consult the European Commission’s website to review the Notices and consider relevant actions that may be required to mitigate any potential negative impacts that may arise for them in terms of Brexit. 

For further information on the research that is helping to shape the Government’s negotiating position: Brexit Research

Financial Supports

Enterprise Ireland's Be Prepared Grant

For businesses that need external support in planning for Brexit, Enterprise Ireland offers up to €5,000 to assist client companies develop a plan through its Be Prepared Grant.

Enterprise Ireland's Market Discovery Fund

Enterprise Ireland supports businesses who wish to innovate, change or adapt in a number of areas, for example, to research viable and sustainable new market entry strategies through its EI Market Discovery Fund.

InterTrade Ireland's Start to Plan Vouchers

InterTrade Ireland provides ‘Start to Plan’ vouchers to enable SMEs to get professional advice on Brexit, including likely tariffs, currency management, regulatory and customs issues and movement of labour, goods and services.

Brexit Loan Scheme

In March 2018, the Government launched a €300 million Brexit Loan Scheme for eligible businesses with up to 499 employees. Loan amounts range from €25,000 up to €1.5m, for terms of up to three years and a maximum interest rate of 4%. Loans up to €500,000 unsecured.

Future Growth Loan Scheme

The Future Growth Loan Scheme announced in Budget 2019 will make a fund of up to €300 million available to SMEs for terms of 8-10 years. The scheme will be open to eligible Irish businesses, including those in the primary agriculture and seafood sectors, to support strategic, long-term investment in a post-Brexit environment.

It is expected to launch in 2019.

Local Enterprise Offices Technical Assistance for Micro-Exporters (TAME)

The 31 Local Enterprise Offices offer financial supports in a number of areas, for example, Technical Assistance for Micro-Exporters (TAME). This provides financial assistance to support market diversification in qualifying businesses to develop new and export market opportunities.

If you wish to print the above information, please see our Getting Business Brexit Ready brochure.


In addition to the advice and guidance above, there is a range of supports available for upskilling staff within your business: Getting Business Brexit Ready: Upskilling

Retail Sector

Please see Building Stronger Business, Getting Brexit Ready for Retail Businesses for Government Departments, enterprise agencies and regulatory bodies range of advisory supports, toolkits and financial supports available to assist retail businesses navigate their way through Brexit.

Other Business Supports

For the full range of other supports available to SMEs, please see Supporting SMEs – which support is for you?

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