Who We Are

EU Affairs, Trade Policy and Licensing Division

EU Affairs, Trade Policy and Licensing Division defines, coordinates and develops our position on EU policy matters and our relationship with EU Institutions.

It is responsible for the identification, formulation and development of Ireland’s international trade policies, including at European Union trade policy negotiations and through active participation in the World Trade Organisation, as well as coordination of a coherent policy response to Brexit across the Department. The Division is also responsible for export licensing. 

Assistant Secretary: Philip Kelly

Units of EU Affairs, Trade Policy and Licensing Division

  • EU Affairs
  • Single Market
  • Trade Policy
  • Export Licensing
  • Bilateral Trade
  • Brexit

Main contact points

EU Affairs and Single Market Unit

EU Affairs

Email: eu@dbei.gov.ie


Email: solvit@dbei.gov.ie

Tel: +353 1 631 2385
       +353 1 631 2454

Point of Single Contact

Email: info@pointofsinglecontact.ie

Tel: +353 1 631 2387

Trade Policy

Email: trade@dbei.gov.ie

Bilateral Trade

Alan Cromie
 Tel: +353 1 631 2345

Niamh Mathews
Tel: +353 1 631 2538 

Ian Carty
 Tel: +353 1 631 2407

Licensing Unit

Email: exportcontrol@dbei.gov.ie

Fax: +353 1 631 2562

Brexit Unit

Tel: +353 1 631 2258

Email: brexitunit@dbei.gov.ie