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Employment Permit Eligibility

Who needs an Employment Permit?

Information regarding those who require an Employment Permit to work in Ireland.

Non-EEA Nationals married to or in civil partnerships with EEA Nationals

Details regarding Employment Permits for non-EEA nationals married to or in civil partnerships with EEA Nationals.

Non-EEA Nationals who have held permits for 5 years or more

Information for those who have held employment permits for 5 years or more.

Ineligible Categories of Employment

Employments in respect of which an employment permit shall not be granted.

Civil Partnerships

Definition of Civil Partnership for the purposes of Employment Permits.

De Facto (non-marital) Relationships

Policy on Employment Permits for non-EEA nationals in De Facto (non-marital) Relationships.


Important notice for Non EEA Nurses on Clinical Adaptation Placements.


Arrangements for Non EEA Doctors working in the State.

Restaurants or Take-Aways

Information regarding eligibility for employment permits in Restaurants and Take-Aways.

Carers in Private Homes

Employment Permits policy in relation to applications in respect of Carers.

Boners (Meat)

Information regarding employment permits for boners (meat). 

Accountants whose qualifications are not recognized

Information note on accountants whose qualifications are not recognised by the nine regulatory bodies listed in the Employment Permit Regulations.               

Employment Agencies

Employment Permits for employees of Employment Agencies.           

Classification of employments

Clarification on the classification of employments for the purposes of Employment.       

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