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Introduction to Trade Sanctions

This Department is responsible for implementing trade related sanctions. Trade Sanctions are increasingly used by the international Community as a means of exerting influence on various issues of international concern. Ireland fully subscribes to its international obligations in this regard.

The Department plays a central role in co-ordinating the implementation of the various United Nations and EC measures which have been adopted concerning trade.

If you have any queries regarding trade sanctions please contact the Licensing Unit by email at exportcontrol@dbei.gov.ie or alternatively you can contact:

Dave Martin

Tel: +353 1 631 2328

EU Sanctions

EU sanctions map 

Financial Sanctions

This Department does not administer financial sanctions. Financial sanctions and related asset freezing restrictions are a matter for the Department of Finance and, at an operational level, are handled by the Central Bank. Contact details are as follows:

Website: www.financialregulator.ie

Email: sanctions@centralbank.ie

Tel: +353 1 224 5214

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