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Restart Grant Plus

The Restart Grant Plus scheme gives grants to businesses to help them reopen their premises and get back to work.

Grants of between €4,000 up to a maximum of €25,000 are available. To qualify for the scheme, enterprises must have:

  • 250 employees or less;
  • Turnover of less than €100,000 per employee; and
  • Reduced turnover by 25% as a result of COVID-19

Those that accessed funding through the previous round of the scheme are eligible for a second top-up payment to a total combined value of the revised maximum grant level.

Under the Restart Grant Plus scheme, support will also be provided for enterprises that could not access the original grant scheme, including rateable sports businesses and trading charity shops. Non-rated B&Bs will be eligible for a grant payment of €4,000.

Details about the Restart Grant Plus

  • The grant will be based on the amount of the rates assessment for the premises for 2019 (excluding arrears) with a new minimum grant of €4,000 and a maximum grant of €25,000 (increased from €2,000 min and €10,000 max) with top-up payments available in certain circumstances.
  • Eligible firms now include medium-sized firms and independent hotels with up to 250 employees, as well as small firms (increased from 50 employees).
  • Businesses impacted by a 25% reduction in turnover will be eligible provided they commit to reopening and to hiring and sustaining employment.
  • A turnover of up to €25m is now allowable, increased from €5m. There is a cap of €100,000 turnover per employee.
  • Commercial sports businesses and trading charity shops in rated premises can now apply for the grant.  
  • The hospitality sector, restaurants, pubs, activity centres and tourist attractions, for example, galleries, museums, are eligible if they are operating from a rated premise. 
  • B&Bs in non-rated premises will be eligible to apply for the minimum €4,000 grant from Fáilte Ireland.  
  • A franchisee which is a financially independent company and is completely separate to the franchisor is eligible to apply.
  • Small company chains can apply if they meet the criteria of <250 employees and €25m turnover in totality across the company and all the branches. 
  • Multinationals are not eligible. Small Irish based subsidiaries with overseas parent companies are not eligible.
  • Large chains that are part of a large group company, that is, one legal entity with a number of branches, such as fast food, group and multiple supermarkets, group hotels, group betting shops and group pharmacies are not eligible.

Further details are available in the Restart Grant Plus FAQs below.

How to apply

Firms can apply through their Local Authority using the links below. Applications for non-rated B&Bs must apply through Fáilte Ireland > Restart Grant Plus for B&Bs.

Local Authority


Carlow County Council

carlow.ie > restart grant plus

Cavan County Council

cavancoco.ie > restart grant plus

Clare County Council

clarecoco.ie > restart grant plus

Cork City Council

corkcity.ie > restart grant plus

Cork County Council

corkcoco.ie > restart grant plus

Donegal County Council

donegalcoco.ie > restart grant plus

Dublin City Council

dublincity.ie > restart grant plus

Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council

dlrcoco.ie > restart grant plus

Fingal County Council

fingal.ie > restart grant plus

Galway City Council

galwaycity.ie > restart grant plus

Galway County Council

galway.ie > restart grant plus

Kerry County Council

kerrycoco.ie > restart grant plus

Kildare County Council

kildare.ie > restart grant plus

Kilkenny County Council

kilkennycoco.ie > restart grant plus

Laois County Council

laois.ie > restart grant plus

Leitrim County Council

leitrimcoco.ie > restart grant plus

Limerick City and County Council

limerick.ie > restart grant plus

Longford County Council

longfordcoco.ie > restart grant plus

Louth County Council

louthcoco.ie > restart grant plus

Mayo County Council

mayo.ie > restart grant plus

Meath County Council

meath.ie > restart grant plus

Monaghan County Council

monaghan.ie > restart grant plus

Offaly County Council

offaly.ie > restart grant plus

Roscommon County Council

roscommoncoco.ie > restart grant plus

Sligo County Council

sligococo.ie > restart grant plus

South Dublin County Council

southdublin.ie > restart grant plus

Tipperary County Council

tipperarycoco.ie > restart grant plus

Waterford City and County Council

waterfordcouncil.ie > restart grant plus

Westmeath County Council

westmeathcoco.ie > restart grant plus

Wexford County Council

wexfordcoco.ie > restart grant plus

Wicklow County Council

wicklow.ie > restart grant plus

For more COVID-19 business supports visit dbei.gov.ie/coronavirus.

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