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Impact of Investment in Innovation, Research and Development

The work being carried out by the Department and its Agencies is having a real and positive impact on improving Ireland’s competitiveness.

Our Department’s report on Economic and Enterprise Impacts from Public Investment in R&D in Ireland sets out the evolution of Irish RD&I policy and the economic and enterprise impacts of R&D active firms in Ireland.

Strategic investments in RD&I have contributed significantly to:

  • the competitiveness of indigenous enterprise;
  • to embedding the FDI base in Ireland;
  • to the creation and application of new knowledge and technology across the enterprise spectrum;
  • and critically, to employment growth.

Enterprise Agencies RD&I successes

Evidence, both from the EU and internationally, shows that the Government's strategy of accelerating the economic and societal return on our RD&I investment is paying off.

Globally, we are ranked:

  • 1st for attracting high value FDI projects (IBM Global location trends)
  • 10th in the Global Innovation Index 2017
  • 10th for overall scientific research quality
  • 10th in the European Innovation Scoreboard
  • 1st in the EU for employment in knowledge-intensive activities and overall top for employment in fast-growing firms in innovative sectors.

The most recent European Innovation Scoreboard once again shows Ireland retaining its position among those EU Member States considered ‘strong innovators’. 

Ireland's Innovation ranking

In certain scientific disciplines globally we are ranked:

  • 2nd in Immunology
  • 2nd in Nanotechnology
  • 2nd in Animal and Dairy
  • 3rd in Materials Science.
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