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Strawberry Regulation

The 'Strawberry Regulation' (Council Regulation (EC) No 2679/98 of 7 December 1998 on the functioning of the internal market in relation to the free movement of goods among the Member States) establishes an information and monitoring mechanism in order to eliminate the major obstacles to trade which inflict serious losses on individuals, such as the obstacles which were the subject of the so-called 'strawberries' Judgment (Commission v. France).

The Regulation should make it possible to apply the principle of the free movement of goods quicker and more efficiently in order to deal with this kind of obstacle, as requested by the Amsterdam European Council of 16 and 17 June 1997.

The administrative formalities under the Directive are dealt with by Internal Market Unit of the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation. This entails the forwarding of notifications in relation to the Directive to contact points in various business and government bodies for onward transmission to their relevant contacts.

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