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Your Local Enterprise Office can help you manage your Brexit response

Brexit could affect your business in a number of different ways. The dedicated Local Enterprise Office teams can help you navigate your Brexit journey and signpost you to useful Government supports available to help you get your business Brexit ready.

CavanLEO Cavan helps food company respond to Brexit challenges

Sligo: Taking a cross-border approach to dealing with Brexit thanks to LEO Sligo

DonegalGrowing food business gets leaner ahead of Brexit thanks to LEO Donegal

LEO Cavan helps food company respond to Brexit challenges

They were unbelievable with their support, mentoring and encouragement."

Sauceman – Cavan
[L-R] Gabriel Shalvey and Conor Shalvey, Sauceman Ltd

Gabriel Shalvey and the Shalvey family, facing Brexit challenges and a deteriorating market environment, moved out of the poultry business completely and founded Sauceman to manufacture a range of sauces for the hospitality, food service, wholesale and retail sectors.

Gabriel Shalvey, Sauceman Ltd:

The focus was to create a business that wasn’t exposed to Brexit which was geared towards international markets."

Marcella Rudden, Head of Enterprise with Local Enterprise Office Cavan:

They foresaw the need to diversify and identified an opportunity to develop a new product offering with export potential. The Brexit supports on offer from the Local Enterprise Office provided advice, expertise and funding to enable Sauceman Ltd to bring their plans to reality and continue to embed innovation and competitiveness into their long-term strategy for the business.”

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Taking a cross-border approach to dealing with Brexit thanks to LEO Sligo

The LEO put us in touch with InterTradeIreland for advice about potential effects on our cross-border trade"

Quickcrop – Sligo
Niall McAllister, QuickCrop

After completing the Enterprise Ireland Prepare for Brexit scorecard and seeking advice from their Local Enterprise Office, Quickcrop, a business that offers gardening products and advice on how to grow your own food, found a logistics partner across the border in Northern Ireland to pick and pack their orders for the UK market so that they were less exposed to fluctuating Sterling currency rates. But the implications of a hard Brexit means that Quickcrop has had to go even further to separate their Irish and UK operations.

Niall McAllister, Quickcrop:

We expect Brexit will affect our UK sales by 10-15 percent. To counter that we’re developing a new website aimed very much at the Irish market, and we have other plans as well.”

John Reilly, Head of Enterprise at LEO Sligo:

“Quickcrop have had to do a lot of preparation for Brexit. They’re maximising lots of different supports from different agencies such as LEO and InterTrade Ireland, which is a good approach"

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Growing food business gets leaner ahead of Brexit thanks to LEO Donegal

LEO Donegal has been a great help in advising on Brexit. Whatever form Brexit takes, Britain will become a third country and they are helping us prepare for that.”

Simply Inish – Donegal
Joe Doherty, Simply Inish

Simply Inish produces a range of prepared salads, desserts, vegetables and garlic bread products for sale mainly to retail customers in Ireland north and south.

Joe Doherty, Simply Inish:

Our location and our industry make us vulnerable to Brexit

We have looked at alternative suppliers for a significant amount of the produce sourced in Northern Ireland. We have that safety net.” 

Michael Tunney, Head of Enterprise with LEO Donegal:

You have to look at the challenges and be open to learning new ways of dealing with them. That’s what Joe is doing all the time.”  

Have you planned your Brexit response?

Find out how your Local Enterprise Office team can help your business prepare for Brexit: Brexit supports for your small business


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