What We Do

Company Law Administration

The main role of our Company Law Administration Unit is to advise and assist the Minister in relation to carrying out the statutory responsibilities under the Companies Act and provide a liaison service for the company law regulatory bodies.

The role of the Unit includes

  • Advising and assisting the Minister in carrying out the statutory duties under the Companies Act, managing the current company law framework and consideration of applications received under:
  • Providing a Liaison service for the company law regulatory bodies:
    • Companies Registration Office (CRO),
    • Irish Auditing and accounting Staturory Authority (IAASA) and
    • Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE).

Company Law Administration Contact Details

Colm Forde01 631 2668
Joan Howley01 631 2613

Individual email format: firstname.surname@dbei.gov.ie

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