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Regional Enterprise Plans

The Regional Enterprise Plans (REPs) have emerged from a process to refresh and refocus the Regional Action Plan for Jobs (RAPJ) initiative which originally focused on the 2015-2017/8 period. The purpose of the refresh and refocus was to further build on the positive regional collaboration fostered by the RAPJs over the period to 2020, taking account of the changed and improved economic circumstances nationally, the emergence of new challenges to enterprise development and competitiveness both domestically and internationally in origin, including Brexit, and a need to achieve more balanced regional development.

The REPs provide perspective and ideas from the ‘ground-up’. They are informed by an understanding of unique local strengths and assets and have the potential to enable more effective translation of national policy into regional and local impact. They focus on leveraging the added value from regional and local actors working collaboratively, and in so doing, they aim to complement and build on the existing activities being undertaken by the Enterprise Agencies, the LEOs and the wider range of State Bodies directly involved in supporting enterprise development in the regions. As a result, the Plans are focused on a suite of selected priority objectives requiring a collaborative regional effort and are not meant to be comprehensive economic development strategies on their own. The Regional Steering Committees will oversee these Plans as “live” agendas. Through them new ideas and collaborative initiatives can be propagated and national policy initiatives which can be effectively translated into regional impact; for example, in areas such as climate action and the digital economy.

The REPs are an integral part of the broader policy system aimed at driving economic growth and sustaining better standards of living throughout Ireland. As a ‘bottom-up’ initiative, the Plans complement national level policies and programmes emanating from a ‘top-down’ and in particular, there is strong alignment with Ireland’s national enterprise policy, Enterprise 2025 Renewed.

Access the Plans here: MidlandsMid-East | West | Dublin | Mid-West | North-West | North-East | South-West | South-East

The Final Progress Reports on the Regional Action Plan for Jobs are available at www.regionalapj.ie.

Regional Enterprise Development Fund

To complement the Regional Enterprise Plans, the Department’s €60m Regional Enterprise Development Fund (REDF) was rolled out by Enterprise Ireland with calls in 2017 and 2018. The fund was introduced to support the development and implementation of collaborative and innovative projects that can sustain and add to employment at county, regional and national level.

On 24 June 2019, the Minister announced a new €45m (Call 3) of the Regional Enterprise Development Fund (REDF). This call continues to support the development and implementation of collaborative and innovative projects in the regions. It also complements the Department’s Regional Enterprise Plans while referencing Enterprise Ireland’s newly launched strategy ‘Powering the Regions’ and the Future Jobs Ireland initiative. Call 3 is currently open for applications and will close on 25 September at 3pm.

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