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Reducing Administrative Burdens

Reducing administrative burdens on business should be achieved without undermining the policy goals of regulation or the protections provided by them. The work of the Better Regulation Unit (BRU) tends to follow these twin strands;

Improve communication between Government and business in relation to regulatory requirements

One of the things that businesses find quite irritating and time-consuming is not being able to understand the regulatory requirements that apply to them, and not easily being able to find the information and advice necessary to address this gap.

Two aspects of the Unit’s activity are devoted to bridging this gap: (1) www.businessregulation.ie, a Portal designed and launched in 2012 to bring together online information and advice about all the regulations affecting business; (2) Taking Care of Business, an event which acts as a concrete version of the Portal, bringing nearly 30 Departments, Agencies and Offices together for half a day to run a free communications event for business. Approximately 2,700 people have attended such events across the country since 2013.

Represent Ireland in all Better Regulation matters at international fora

The BRU has responsibility for representing Ireland in Better Regulation matters at international fora. The two main focal points of this work are European Council Working Groups on Better Regulation in Brussels and the OECD Regulatory Policy Committee in Paris. In addition, it represents Ireland at the European Commission REFIT Platform which deals with the fitness of European regulation. In order to identify Ireland’s position, concerns and objectives across the complex array of subject-matter, the Unit coordinates with the other Departments responsible for various aspects of Better Regulation.

Contact the Business Regulation Unit

Business Regulation Unit

Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation,

Earlsfort Centre,

Lower Hatch Street,

Dublin 2.

Email:  businessregulation@dbei.gov.ie

Tel: +353 1 631 2761

Fax: +353 1 631 2553

Website for compliance information: businessregulation.ie

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