Summary Report on the End Year 2019 Review of the Occupations Lists

The Employment Permits Occupations Lists undergo twice-yearly review and the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation received thirty-four submissions to this review from a range of employers, representative bodies and NGOs across a number of sectors in the economy. Following the review process, Heather Humphreys, Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation took all submissions into account and announced changes to both lists on 18 December 2019 and an updated version of the Occupations Lists came into legal effect on 12 December 2019.

Related press release: Minister Humphreys announces changes to the employment permits system for workers from outside the European Economic Area

Revised versions of the lists: Ineligible List of Occupations for Employment Permits and Critical Skills Occupations List

Published by Workplace Regulation and Economic Migration

Topics: Employment Permits

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