Ireland's Competitiveness Challenge 2020

Ireland’s Competitiveness Challenge 2020 builds on the National Competitiveness Council’s annual benchmarking report – Ireland’s Competitiveness Scorecard 2020 that was published in May.

The COVID-19 pandemic presents many challenges for the competitiveness of the Irish economy. The Challenge 2020 report identifies four broad areas that will be critical to economic recovery and makes 20 targeted, actionable recommendations on the best ways to improve the competitiveness, and sustainability, of the Irish economy over the medium term. These four challenges areas are to:

  • Support Ireland’s workers and leverage opportunities for upskilling,
  • Address Climate Action in a Competitiveness Context,
  • Invest Strategically in Ireland’s Physical Infrastructure, and
  • Resolve Long-standing Issues.

Further information on the report, including the accompanying press release and a full list of the Council's recommendations, is available on the NCC website: NCC > Ireland's Competitiveness Challenge 2020

Published by National Competitiveness Council

Topics: Trade and Investment, COVID-19 Supports, Business and Sectoral Initiatives

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