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Competition for the post of Director General in the Workplace Relations Commission

The Public Appointments Service has advertised the competition for the post of Director General in the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC).

The Director General leads the WRC, setting and implementing the strategic goals, managing the day to day business of the Commission and working closely with a wide variety of stakeholders to ensure the delivery of quality services to WRC customers.

The closing date for applications is 7 February 2019.      

For further information, please see > Director General in the Workplace Relations Commission

Prepare for Brexit

Customs Insights course

Enterprise Ireland's Customs Insights course helps businesses understand the key customs concepts, documentation and processes required to move goods from, to and through the UK. The course will provide learners with a firm understanding of the customs implications for their business and the options from Revenue to make this process more efficient.

Prepare to Export Scorecard for companies with global ambition

Interactive online tool helps potential exporters assess their export-readiness

A Prepare to Export Scorecard has been developed by Enterprise Ireland to help Irish entrepreneurs and business owners with global ambition to self-assess how prepared they are to start exporting. The interactive online facility is a free, easy-to-use tool which acts as a starting point for companies interested in exporting and reaching overseas markets.


Prepare for Brexit with Brexit SME Scorecard

Early planning and preparation is a critical factor in a company’s ability to respond to the business challenges that Brexit presents.

The Enterprise Ireland Brexit SME Scorecard is a free planning tool for Irish exporters to the UK. It is designed to help you assess your business readiness across six areas — Business Strategy, Operations, Sales and Marketing, Finance, Innovation, and People and Management. 

Mandatory Electronic Filing for the CRO

Electronic Filing of Annual Returns and Financial Statements is now mandatory

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