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Strategy aimed at supporting sustainable full employment– Minister Bruton

The Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton TD, today published his Department’s Statement of Strategy 2015-2017, aimed at supporting the drive towards full employment.

Minister publishes Department’s Statement of Strategy 2015-2017

The strategy, prepared under the Public Service Management Act 1997 and approved by Government in recent weeks, sets out the framework for actions by the Department and its agencies, as well as the wider Government system, to create and sustain jobs and avoid returning to boom-bust cycles in the employment market.

Since 2012, the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation has, along with the Department of the Taoiseach, led the annual Action Plan for Jobs process, which is on course to hit the target of 100,000 extra people at work some 18 months ahead of schedule. This document is an important step in the next phase of jobs strategy, aimed at delivering sustainable full employment by 2018.

Publishing the document today, Minister Bruton said:

“Twice in my lifetime I have seen the opportunity for full employment in Ireland, only to be squandered by bad policies. Full employment is what will make all our other plans possible – better services, higher living standards, and ultimately better lives for people living in Ireland.

“That is why at the heart of Government’s plans for the coming years is not only delivering full employment, but sustaining it for decades, for a generation. Achieving that means orienting all aspects of our public policies towards this crucial goal.

“This strategy is an important step in that process. The Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation has played a major role in the progress in employment which has been made over the past four years, and this document sets out the plans for us to build on this over the coming three years.

“I wish to pay tribute to all our team in the Department, offices and agencies for their work and achievements over the past four years – and I look forward to working with them as we drive towards sustainable full employment”.

Minister of State for Business and Employment Ged Nash TD said: “As we move towards the goal of full employment, the Department also has a role in ensuring that the jobs being created are decent jobs where workers’ rights are protected and enhanced. The Strategy reflects this vision as we progress important initiatives like the Low Pay Commission and Collective Bargaining legislation. As our economy recovers, the Strategy will be used to assist us in ensuring a fair recovery with balanced regional investment to benefit workers and employers in every part of the country.”

Minister of State for Skills, Research and Innovation Damien English TD said: “If we are to deliver sustainable full employment in the coming years, skills and innovation will be at the heart of that drive. The strategy published today lays out ambitious goals in these areas, and I am determined that the research and skills systems will play their part in delivering the jobs the country needs”.

A copy of the Statement of Strategy 2015- 2017 IS available here:

Statement of Strategy 2015-2017 (PDF, 1.38MB)


For further information contact Press Office, Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Employment ph 6312200 or

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