Action Plan for Jobs 2018

Preparation of 2018 Action Plan for Jobs: Invitation to submit proposals.

The Action Plan for Jobs is a whole-of-Government initiative under which all Government Departments and Agencies work together to deliver on the agreed action points for each year.

Since its introduction in 2012, the Action Plan for Jobs has served as a focus for concerted, cross-Government action to strengthen our enterprise base and support job creation. While unemployment has fallen significantly and employment continues to grow strongly, the Government’s goal is to have an additional 200,000 people at work by 2020, including 135,000 jobs outside of Dublin. In the year to Q1 2017, almost 70,000 more people are in employment, with more than three out of every four new jobs created outside of Dublin.

We are now developing the 2018 Action Plan for Jobs which will be published early in 2018.

If you have an idea that you believe could help improve the environment for businesses to create and sustain jobs then we want to hear from you.

We are interested in all ideas for positive action and are particularly interested in suggestions that support the following themes; 

  1. Maintaining and enhancing resilience, productivity and competitiveness;

  2. Supporting and fostering enterprise via actions including the following:
    • Growing Irish companies and enhancing their agility and resilience to the changing external environment for trading;

    • Driving entrepreneurship and start-up companies;

    • Developing and deepening the impact of foreign direct investment and ensuring it continues to be spread throughout regional Ireland;

  3. Accelerating regional development and growth;

  4. Delivering the skills for maintaining a talented and dynamic workforce;

  5. Promoting innovation that delivers success in international markets;

  6. Supporting the growth of the Digital Economy, building on existing initiatives such as Industry 4.0 and Digital Skills;

  7. Addressing new labour market challenges, such as expanding labour market participation across all sections of society;

  8. Ensuring access to competitive finance; and

  9. Identifying a small number of big ideas and reforms that could make meaningful impacts on the business environment.

In order to understand the types of actions already being undertaken, you may wish to look at Action Plan for Jobs 2017.

The consultation closed on 29 September 2017.

As part of the consultation process meetings were held with the Agency Clients Advisory Groups and the Industry Partners Forum during September 2017. A High Level Consultation Forum was also convened in November 2017.

The agendas and notes are available for download below.

The APJ 2018 Report was published in March 2018.

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